Dragon Literature And Other Works

Although I do not do a lot of writing, I have on ocasion done some. Enjoy the works I have done below. I would ask that you not place them on other sites without asking first.

This section contains sites works that are poetry.

ExistingPhantom : A Poem written for me by my good friend Quelonzia Storm Dancer.

The Vlad Shanty : A sea shanty telling of the great deads of the dread pirate Vladimir Reese. By EP

A Silly Poem: Thunder and lightning, very, very frightening..... Beware what hides upon the winds. Dragons of shadows and crux. : By EP

Creation of a Sculptor : By EP

Dragons, Dragons: an on going irc topic poem. : By EP

Dragons Fly Orcas Swim : This poem has an accompanying drawing and was created for Qulonzia. I don't recall if I created the poem first or the drawing first. The full versed poem is based of a shorter poem called Thunderbird. Both Poems are included here. By EP

Dragon's Remembrance : By EP

Dust : By EP

Flight Of Dragons : One of my favorite songs. I transcribed it from the video of the same name. By Don McLean

For Betty : I wrote this for a co-worker as a going away gift. By EP

Just a thought : By EP

Little Sorrow : This is an unfinished epic I started. As a poem with such a simple style, its probably one of the most difficult poems I've worked on. I've added comments to the (current) end of the poem so that readers will not be left without and ending. By EP

Loving Mother : By EP

Overview of a smile : By EP

Population Dynamics of Creatures: Death and his studies on the spotted horned whale of the north pacific. : By EP

Rain Maker : By EP

Soaring On : This poem was written for the 1 year aniversery of the creation of alt.fan.dragons. The poem is decdicated to everyone who reads the group. By EP

Stirring Chill : By EP

The Biologist and the Dragon : By EP

WindWalker : By EP

In this section you will find many wonderful stories.

Dragon's Journal : By EP

Dragon's Storm : By EP

Intro to the mystic underground : This was a short character introduction that I wrote. By EP

Intro of WindWalker on AFD : This is a record of my WindWaker Dragon character on afd. By EP

Other Items.
Who know what's here, you'll just have to look and see.

alt.alien.visitors Frequently Asked Questions : This was a fun project and was bit of work to do all of the research. It was the first FAQ for the USENET News Groups that I created. It got big and bulky very quickly, and I gave up being the maintainer of the document. Unfortunately though the content in later versions of the FAQ is over 85 percent my work, I don't seem to be given any credit for writing the original content of the document. This document here is the last version I released, and contains 100 percent of my own work. This file is no longer maintained. By EP.

Amtgard 7.0 Healer Spell List: This is a double sided spell list sheet for the amtgard healer class. Designed by EP.

Asian Dragons: Chinese : An essay about Chinese Dragons by Mike Pflueger.

Being a man: Heart's Blood: Here's something that is in part dragon related. This is an essay I wrote about the theme of Jane Yolen's book, Heart's Blood. Don't let this exciting thriller pass you by! Essay by EP.

Conversion Program Concept to Convert (or save) Line Art into Text Art : By EP

Diphosphane as igniter for dragon breath : An essay by Ricarda Dormeyer.

Dragon Theme Teaching Plan : A teaching plan for activities for sutdents of years one to four in a multiage grouping. The plan encompasses several afternoons of two parts. This plan was made for around 55 students, with three teachers involved. The Author is unknown.

Methods of 3D Art : An explmation of different methods of viewing media in 3D. By EP

NQCBGT Official List Of Dragon Ascii Art : This file is no longer maintained, but it still contains some artistic ascii dragon art by various authors.

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