Alt.Fan.Dragons Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to A discussion on all aspects of dragon

There is a Text Version of this FAQ avalible.

1. Introductory Material

1a. What is this group?
1b. Posting worldwide to
1c. What about posting binary pictures?
1d. Posting in Plain Text vs. HTML Format.

2. Character Posting On A.f.d

2a. I've already joined in, is it too late to read this?
2b. Is this role-playing?
2c. How do I start and introduce myself?
2d. Nobody replied to my post! Does everyone hate me?
2e. I want to do something that involves other individual's dragons!
2f. Can I post something while "out of character?"
2g. Can I have two "characters?"
2h. I don't know who someone is! Or even what they are! Help!
2i. General Posting suggestions.

3. Frequently Asked Questions about Dragons

3a. What is a dragon?
3b. Do dragons exist?
3c. Where does the legend of dragons hoarding gold originate from?
3d. Spelling of dragon in other languages?
3e. What are some of the creatures related to dragons?
3f. I would like to talk with a dragon, where can I find one?
3g. Where can I find archived post for
3h. Where can I find the latest version of the faq, NQCBGT Dragon Art, The CENSUS and the AFD Phone Book?
3i. Is A.F.D writing a book about dragons?
3j. Regarding A.f.d's short description, what do dragons have to do with automobiles and Pennsic?
3k. I heard about some a.f.d tee-shirts, whats happening with them?

4 Common types of Dragons

4a. Komodo Dragon
4b. Eastern Dragons
4c. Western Dragons
4d. Pernese Dragons
4e. Dungeon & Dragon Dragons
4f. Modern Infestation Dragons

5. Miscellaneous Information

5a. Ftp Sites
5b. Web Sites
5c. IRC Sites
5d. Books
5d.1 Books, Refference
5d.2 Books, Dragon Novels and book series
5d.3 Books, Anthologies
5d.4 Books, Children's stories
5e. Movies
5f. Commercial Art

1.  Introductory Material 

1a. About this newsgroup. 
   is an unmoderated forum for the posting of any and
 all topics relating to dragons, as well as opinion, discussion, stories
 and poetry about any aspect of dragons. The discussion is not restricted 
 to any single author's or individual's views on dragons' life-cycles or 
 behavior, but is a free discussion on any aspect or ideas put forth about
 them. It is suggested that you post binary picture files regarding
 dragons to and post a reference here saying
 that you have done so and give the posted picture's subject name as you
 posted it, so that it can be easily found. (See 1b) The news group was
 created on 12/1/93.

Topics could include:

*  Discussion on dragon life cycles, social organization, behavior,
   characteristics, legends, art styles and other aspects. 
*  Discussions regarding specific author's ideas regarding dragons. 
*  Any original ideas, stories or poems. 
*  Any recent dragon sightings!
*  Character posting dragon characters.
*  Anything else that is relevant to dragons in general.

1b.  Posting worldwide to 

     If your unsure how to access news through you local internet provider
 contact your local provider's administrator and ask them about how you
 can read usenet news on the internet. If your local internet provider
 doesn't have a news server from which you can read and post news
 articles there is a free web based news provider called Deja News.

     The Url is:

1c.  What about posting binary pictures? 

     We encourage the posting of binary dragon pictures, But
 procedure for posting any binary pictures to Usenet is to post
 them to and have a message posted to pointing the reader to check in for the binary images.


     The reason behind doing this is binaries take up a lot of space
 on hard drives. Having images grouped under alt.binaries makes life
 easier for news admins. They can easily configure things to retain those
 groups for fewer days than other groups, if that's necessary to free up
 space, or if they can't afford to carry this stuff at all. If binaries
 are posted to this group many news admins will drop the group from their
 site. So please DO POST PICTURES - but post them to

Posting to

     There is a preferred format for posting to a.b.p.m to make it 
 easier for viewers to find what they're looking for. You should include a
 description of the file by itself in the first post which should be
 labeled (00/total). Below is what should be included in the subject line
 when you post.

- filename.type (part/total) {label} ^REPOST^ [sh] "extraTitle"
^ ^        ^     ^    ^       ^       ^        ^    ^
| |        |     |    |       |       |        |    |
1 2        3     4    5       6       7        8    9

1) The '-' character sets this off as a picture posting 
2) The name of the file. REQUIRED
3) The type of picture (GIF, JPEG, PostScript). REQUIRED
4&5) Which part of how many this is.  Enclosed in parentheses. REQUIRED.
6) The type of picture ("dragon", "plane", "scenic", etc.).
7) Notifies everyone that this is a repost of a posting that went sour.
8) Flag that notifies people that if the posting uses script wrappers
9) Additional descriptive text to give a better idea of whats in the picture.

 You should also have under the header field "Keywords:" so
 that our group can easily find the image by doing a search.

 Subject: - Reddragon.gif (00/09) {Dragons} "Red dragon flaming"

Referencing your post back to

     When referencing your posts back to it is suggested
 that you post the following reference in your subject line to let people
 know you have posted a picture to

 - filename.type Posted To:

 You might want to include the description in this message
 and the complete subject used the posted image to a.b.p.m.

1d. Posting in Plain Text vs. HTML format.

     At this time we *strongly* recommend that you do not post to the news
 group in HTML (web browser) format. Please only use plain text format.
 Not everyone uses web browsers to read news groups. The majority of 
 people use news client programs to read posts. Many news client
 programs do not support, and can not read HTLM coding. If you want
 your post to be read by everyone, which is the general idea of posting
 to the news group, you should post in plain text. Otherwise don't expect
 others to read or reply  to your posts, because they probably won't be 
 able to read them.

2.  Character Posting On A.f.d 

     Character posting is allowed in this group as long as it is
 dragon related. Since this group is an unmoderated newsgroup,
 (ie. no censors) currently there are no rules set in stone regarding
 character posting format. However, this section contains some
 guidelines you should consider when posting. 

 Keep in mind that no one is required to post to A.f.d as a dragon
 character. If you just want to start a discussion feel free to.

2a.  I've already joined in, is it too late to read this? 

     No, it will help keep you form making any "Net Etiquette" mistakes
 with this news group, and give you some guidelines to post by. Most the
 information in this section is just suggested guidelines for posting and
 interacting with others on the a.f.d news group. 

2b.  Is this role-playing? 

     Some individuals consider that it is role-playing, and others don't.
 There are many on the group who are dragons in mind, spirit or body. A.f.d
 is not considered a typical role-playing game or newsgroup. Individuals
 place a lot of their emotions and feelings into their post. Please keep
 this in mind when composing your posts. You should be aware that some
 individuals are exposing their inner feelings to other readers of this
 group and that the wording of your replies could cause bad feeling or
 start flame wars or discourage individuals from reading or participating
 in the newsgroup.

2c.  How do I start and introduce myself? 

     Before posting to any news group, its always best to read it for a
 few days to get the feel of it.

 First come up with a name, pseudonym or nickname. When selecting a name
 you may wish to check the AFD Phone Book or Quentinus Dragon Description
 Web site to make sure someone else isn't using that name. If someone is
 using a name that you are use to being called feel free to use that 
 name. The information files can be found at the A.F.D. Web Site.

 You may also want to fill out the Dragon Information Forms on the a.f.d
 web site this will help you to organize your background information and
 help allow readers and posters to better interact with you.

 Next post a message describing your arrival. Include your name, or dragon
 name, describe yourself and say hi. 

 When describing your arrival there are some things that should avoided.
 You shouldn't arrive being wounded, or have any other serious problem or
 individuals chasing you. Or arrive declaring to be king, master, keeper
 of all of something that involves dragons. 

 Individuals who have arrived declared themselves the single master,
 keeper, god, dragon, etc.. of all dragons, information, or the universe,
 etc.. are usually either ignored or scoffed at. You will find there are
 a multitude of different types of dragons and others who post from
 various different backgrounds and universes. So it would be impossible
 to be ruler of them all anyway. Try not to be someone who is invincible
 to all things and always wins. A.f.d is not a power gammers role playing
 game, so avoid treating it as such. Its for discussion and sharing of

 When arriving try not to require assistance from other dragons, such as
 being wounded or chased. The reason behind this suggestion is that there
 are periods when every new arriving dragon is in some way in danger. Some
 think that this  is a unique and interesting way of introducing yourself,
 but many others have already though of it and it happens almost every week.

 It's okay to hint at problems you may have or things that are after you due
 to some weird event in distant past or whatever. However, it would be best
 if such events didn't occur in the first five minutes of your arrival. If
 you would like to do something like this, build up to it after your
 introduction and gave the other readers and posters of a.f.d a chance to
 meet you. The posters of a.f.d are friendly group and they will welcome
 you even if your arrival isn't an earthshaking event.

2d.  Nobody replied to my post! Does everyone hate me? 

     No, they don't. There are several possibilities. The most likely is
 just that you haven't waited long enough. Wait at least five days before
 giving up on replies. The messages from you will appear instantly on your
 own news-system, but take quite a while to shuffle around the world. Some
 news readers won't receive it for a week or more. 

 Another possibility is that your news-server isn't working. Find a poster
 who seems to be pretty active at the moment, and email them asking if
 they saw your post. If not they didn't, try sending it again or talking
 with you local News Administrator. 

 If you're posting for the first time, there a Dragon Welcoming Committee
 (DWC) that generally watches for and welcomes all new comers to the group.
 Many posters will let the DWC greet newcomers. There are times when the DWC
 has problems with their news servers and are unable to greet newcomers.
 Sometimes newcomers are missed when a.f.d receives high volumes of posts.

 You always can try posting again if your post seems to have been missed.

2e.  I want to do something that involves other individual's dragons! 

     There is one key rule here. Never act for another dragon. Don't say
 "other dragon does this", or "other dragon says", or anything similar.
 The other dragon or individual will decide what they do. Don't make
 assumptions about what other posters will say or do, let them do it
 themselves. Just finish your post at a suitable point and wait for
 responses. This is one of the most important points to remember when
 character posting to a.f.d

     If you need to include another poster, get their permission first,
 and be aware that others can join in if they choose, so you'll have to
 include them in the story. Be creative, a good writer and story teller
 can work around anything. Dramatic events have their place in place on
 a.f.d. However, a.f.d can also place for relaxing in upbeat silliness. 

2f.  Can I post something while "out of character?" 

     Yes, you can. Some of the common terms and phrases used when posting
 out of character are "this is my human form saying" or "my typist says."
 This is generally used while character posting an event or remark. You 
 are certainly free to state "out of character" comments or
 discussions however you wish.

 Even though it may seem the majority of what happens in a.f.d is
 character posting, one should be aware that there are also discussions
 that are not of an in character nature. Anyone is free just to post and
 discuss any dragon subject or topic without character posting. The
 easiest way to go about doing this is to just post the remark or comment
 you wish to post just like you would with another newsgroup.

2g.  Can I have two "characters?"

     Feel free to create another dragon character, others have done it
 in the past. However, do not, create a dragon for the specific purpose
 of killing them off or something else nasty in a script you are planning.
 This will annoy and dis-hearten many of the readers and posters. Everyone
 hates to loose friends they've grown attached to, even on the internet.

2h.  I don't know who someone is! Or even what they are! Help!

     You can find this out from several places. 

     If you just want to quickly know what someone is, ie. the type of
 dragon or creature they are, email address and their gender for writing
 purposes, try looking them up in the AFD Phone book.

 If you need more detailed information about their life history, background
 and physical descriptions, try the Quentinus Dragon Description Web site.

 If you can't find them in either reference documents, feel free to email
 the individual and talk with them. Both reference documents are available
 through the a.f.d web site.

2i.  General Posting suggestions.

 1) Keep you line lengths under 75 characters when making posts. Most 
    people reading news only have screens that display line widths of
    80 characters. You may want to use a font like Monaco to keep your
    font characters even.
 2) When replying to another individual's post don't repost the whole
    message. Most individuals reading the newsgroup have already read it.
    Edit and post sections that introduce what your replying to
    so readers will still know what you are talking about.
 3) Please don't post private & personal email messages or discussions to
    the newsgroup without consulting the other party. 
 4) If you have a personal dispute with another individual take it to email.
 5) If you are dissatisfied with how something is working out on a.f.d or
    or get into a personal dispute with someone. Please don't threaten to
    leave or say your leaving because this individual did this. Especially
    when you are planning on coming back. Please remember that a.f.d is a
    rather large community of friends, so please don't deliberately try to
    cause emotional strife on the news group. You will just end up hurting
    other friends that you have. If you really must leave and can't work
    out your differences. Please don't place blame when you leave. Its
    unfair to everyone who has to read a.f.d. to have to be pulled into
    your dispute. 
 6) If a discussion of a non-Character playing nature has started please
    be curtious to those whom have started the descussion and keep your
    posts relevant to the discussion topic. 
     Please also note that the order in which other sites receive articles
 differs from your site. Your site may receive news articles before other
 sites do or may receive them long after the articles have been posted. 
 The usenet news network is not instant. Don't let it worry you, it just

     You can join into the discussion of any post, but please be polite and
 courteous. If you have joined the a.f.d newsgroup for the sole purpose of
 causing problems, I will contact your system administrator.

3.  Frequently Asked Questions about Dragons

3a.  What is a dragon?

 drag-on \'dragen, -raig-\ n -s 
  [ME dragun, dragoun, fr. OF dragun, dragon, fr. L dracon-, draco serpent,
   dragon, fr. Gk drakon serpent; akin to OE torht bright, splendid, noble,
   OHG zoraht bright, clear, Goth gatarhjan to mark, Gk derkesthai to see
   clearly, look at, drakos eye, MIr derc eYe, Skt darsayati he causes to
   see; basic meaning: seeing]

  1: archaic: a huge serpent 
  2: a fabulous animal generally represented as a monstrous winged and
     scaly serpent or saurian with a crested head and enormous claws 
  3: a: the heraldic representation of a monster with a griffin's head, a
        scaly winged body with four legs and claws, and a long barbed tail
        and tongue borne as a charge or used as a supporter 
     b dial Brit: a paper kite of dragon form 
     c: a beneficent supernatural creature in Chinese mythology connected
        with rain and floods 
  4: a violent, combative, or very strict person; esp: a woman that watches
     fiercely and vigilantly over the welfare of her charges 
  5: any of several arums popularly associated with dragons: as 
     b: JACK-lN-THE-PULPIT 1 
     c: WATER ARUM 
     d: a plant of the genus Dracontium 
  6: a: a short musket formerly carried hooked to a soldier's belt; also: 
        a soldier carrying such a musket 
     b: an armored tractor for artillery 
  7: [trans. of NL Draco] 
     a: any of numerous small brilliantly colored arboreal agamid lizards
        (genus Draco) of the East Indies and southern Asia having five or
        six of the hind ribs on each side prolonged and covered with a web
        of skin forming a sort of wing and aiding them in making long
        gliding leaps from tree to tree Q called also flying dragon
     b: any of certain other lizards of related genera: as 
        (1): JEW LIZARD 
        (2): WATER DRAGON 1

3b.  Do dragons exist?

     Yes, they actually do, but not always in the historical/mythical from
 that most individuals are familiar with. There are several lizards that
 bare the name dragon, the best known being the Komodo Dragon. Dragons also
 exist in symbolism's, history and the largest free roaming habitat of all,
 the imagination.

3c.  Where does the legend of dragons hoarding gold originate from?

     The Legion of dragons hoarding gold originally came from Romanized
 Celtic tribes that lived in Italy that worshipped the god Cernunnos, the
 horned lord of the underworld. He was the guardian of wealth, commerce
 and health. Cernunnos was often accompanied by his horned dragon who was
 also associated by wealth, especially that found underground.

3d.  Spelling of dragon in other languages?

     Please note I'm not a linguist, the word dragon has many meanings
 (see 3a).  The first meanings listed are probably the closest to the
 "mythical" meaning of dragon. No accents or special characters are shown
 due to keyboard accent marks can't be reproduced in standard ascii text.

        African: nrgwenya
        Chinese: lung
          Dansk: drage
          Dutch: draak, (plural) draken
        English: dragon
 Middle English: dragun, dragoun
       Faeroese: eitt dreki, eitt flogdreki, ein fraenarormur
        Finnish: Lohikddrme, (iso-latin) Lohikiirme
         French: dragon
     Old French: dragun, dragon
         German: Drache (pl. Drachen), Lindwurm (pl. Lindwuermer) 
                 Maybe: tracho, dracho
          Greak: drakon serpent, drako
       Hawaiian: Kelekona, (plural) Na Kelekona
         Hebrew: drakon (plural) drakonim
      Hungarian: Sarkany
      Icelandic: dreki
        Islamic: Th'uban, Tinnin
        Italian: drago, dragone, volante, dragonessa
       Japanese: ryu, tatsu
          Latin: draco, serpens, dracon, draco serpent, dragon
          Norse: ormr
      Norwegian: drake, dragonet, orm
         Polish: smok
     Portaguese: dragao
          Roman: draco
       Romanian: dracul
       Russsian: drakon (roughly translated, stress on KON)
        Spanish: dragon
        Swedish: drake, draken, lindorm
          Welsh: draig

3e.  What are some of the creatures related to dragons?

     There are a number of creatures similar to dragons that sometimes
 get thrown into the category of "dragon" but also have a category of their

 Amphisbaena: A creature with heads at each end of its body that is capable
              of moving in two directions.

    Basilisk: A lizard like creature that can kill with a glance, has
              nasty breath. 

  Cockatrice: Often looks similar to a rooster with a lizards tail. Said to
              be a serpent that has hatched from a chicken's egg or a rooster's
              egg that was hatched by a toad.  Has a deadly glance.

     Chimera: Fire breathing creature, with a lion's head, goat's body and
              serpent's tail. Sometimes also depicted with 3 heads: a goat,
              lion, and dragon. May have wings.

Quetzelcoatl: the name of a Mesoamerican god.  He was believed
              to sometimes take the shape of a winged serpent.

     Griffin: Creature with the head, forelegs, and wings of an eagle and the
              body, hind legs, and tail of a lion.

       Hydra: A many-headed serpent, often portrayed with the body of a

   Manticore: Creature with the head of a man, body of a lion and tail of
              a dragon or scorpion. Often has wings.

  Salamander: Lizard-like creature that has the ability to endure fire.

      Wyvern: Very similar to a dragon except it only has four limbs
              (2 wings, 2 hind legs, no front legs) Usually in all other
              aspects, it is like to a dragon. They are generally not
              characterized as breathing flame, but some do.

3f.  I would like to talk with a dragon, where can I find one?

     Believe it or not, you can chat with a dragon. The only problem is that
 he's not very friendly. "CHAT" Conversational Hypertext Access Technology
 has a language information system program on the internet that allows you
 to chat with a dragon using plain english.  To try it out telnet to: (port 3000)

  EX: telnet 3000
  or via the web: telnet://

 Type in "Maur" at the "Select an Information File:" prompt.

 for more info about the program contact Thom Whalen (
 or  Andrew Patrick ( You can also see their web
 page at

3g.  Where can I find archived post for

 See ftp sites: /pub/dragons/text/afd

3h.  Where can I find the latest version of the faq, NQCBGT Dragon Art,
     The CENSUS and the AFD Phone Book?

 If you have web access you can get the latest updates from:

 For the latest copy of the CENSUS web to:
  Or contact Pendragon. Email:

3i.  Is A.F.D writing a book about dragons?

     Yes, a group of individuals is putting together a poetry and short
 story book about dragons from various authors who post to A.F.D. The 
 editors are in the process of editing the submissions. The
 books working title is "Soaring Heart and Soul: The Stories and Poems
 of Dragons" Submissions deadline has passed and we are no longer 
 actcepting submissions. We are acceptiong illustrations of works til
 October 31 1997. If your are intrested in contributing please read
 the submission guidlines on the web site listed below. For
 more information browse 
 or contact Quelonzia (

3j.  Regarding A.f.d's short description, what do dragons have to
     do with automobiles and Pennsic?

     The short description for the a.f.d newsgroup at most news sites
 currently is listed as:         People just love automobiles at Pennsic.

 Pennsic is a yearly gathering  dedicated to researching and recreating
 the Middle Ages and Renaissance held by the SCA. During Pennsic several
 Kingdoms battle each other and have a lot of fun during the middle two
 weeks of August in Pennsylvania, USA.

 SCAers apparently love automobiles because that's their 
 transportation to the yearly Pennsic meeting. The automobiles are
 called dragons by the SCAers. (SCA) Society for Creative Anachronism

 The current description really has nothing to do with
 The original description was suppose to read:         A discussion on all aspects of dragons.
 David C Lawrence who maintains the short description list was asked
 why we have the current description and he answered:

  When I inherited the list of alternative newsgroup hierarchies from             
 Professor Spafford at Purdue, he requested that I continue the                  
 tradition of whimsical alt group descriptions.  I have complied with            
 his wishes and will continue to do so.  Typically the groups that get           
 such descriptions are ones that did not have a properly formed                  
 newsgroups line in the control message that created the group.                  
 It is extremely unlikely that I will change descriptions that have              
 been around for a very long time unless I have a very compelling                
 reason to do so.  That's what you get for the anarchy of alt.*.                 

3k.  I heard about some a.f.d tee-shirts, whats happening with them?

     There have been several attempts to produce tee-shirts for afd
 by different individuals. So far no one on afd has seen a tee-shirt
 appear. So currently there are no tee-shirts available. If this
 changes in the future, updated information will be added to this

4.  Common types of Dragons

4a.   Komodo Dragon

     The Komodo Dragon is the largest lizard found on Komodo Island, 
 part of Indonesia in the Indian Ocean. They have long sharp claws,
 greenish-black hide, forked tongues (used for smelling), and a hinged jaw
 like that of a snake. They are solitary animals but will group around
 a carcass to try and get a portion of a kill.
     During the mating season the male Komodo will make a kill and let the
 female eat from the carcass. After mating, the female goes off and digs a
 den in which to lay her eggs. The female lays around seven eggs. She will
 stay and protect them for several weeks, but will eventually wander off
 before they hatch.  The eggs hatch around April and the little Komodos are
 20 inches long and golden in color. They climb up in trees and stay for 
 several years until they grow larger. They start coming down to the
 ground when they are around 3 feet long. They dig dens near riverbanks
 and slopes with an opening only large enough for them to fit in, and
 stay there during the night for protection from the elements and
 other larger Komodos. They sometimes have two or more dens for
 convenience during the wet and dry seasons when the rivers rise. Older
 komodos are 9 feet long or longer and weigh around 200 pounds.
     Komodo dragons are natural swimmers and use their large tails to propel
 them through the water. They can also dive beneath the water and hold their
 breath for a long time.
4b.  Eastern Dragons

     Chinese dragons have four legs and a long, sinuous body with a snake-
 like tail. Their horns resemble those of a stag, head like that of 
 a camel, eyes resemble those of a demon or a rabbit (because they glow red),
 neck of a snake, belly of a clam, scales like those of a carp, claws of an 
 eagle, the paws of a tiger, and ears like those of a bull. They have 81
 scales and can be black, red, white or yellow (considered superior). They
 have a great pearl which they carry in their throats which symbolizes wisdom.
     Male dragons have undulating, concave and steep horns. Female dragons
 have straight noses, round manes, thin scales and a strong tail. Most
 dragons lay their eggs near water. Eggs may take 1000 years to hatch. When
 they do, water will run from the eggs and the parents will cry out. The
 cry of the male makes the wind rise, while the cry of the female makes the
 wind calm. This has a tendency to destabilize local climactic conditions,
 resulting in darkness and torrential rain, with lightning and thunder
 causing the eggs to break open. They take 500 years to turn into a Kiao
 (scaled dragon), 1000 more years to become a lung (a proper dragon), 500
 more to become a kioh-lung (horned dragon), and a further 1000 years to
 become a ying-lung (winged dragon).
     In China dragons are classified according to their purposes. There are
 four major kinds of Chinese dragon: the t'ien lung, (celestial guardians)
 who support the mansion of the gods shielding them from decay; the
 shen lung (weathermakers) who govern the clouds and bring rain; the ti lung 
 (earth-dragon) who control rivers; and the fu-ts'ang lung (treasure keepers)
 who guard hidden treasures and deposits of precious metal.
     Chinese dragons were said to be present at creation and thus share the
 characteristics and some control of the cosmos and elements. The dragons of
 China were patron divinities of rivers, lakes and the sea. If pleased they
 would give rain, but if displeased they could withhold rain or cause storms
 and floods.
     Celestial dragons have five claws. Lesser dragons have three or four.
 They can shape-change except when being born, sleeping, lustful or angry.
 Dragons are said to like precious stones and roasted swallows but to be
 afraid of the leaves of the wang plant, leaves of the lien tree, quintuple
 colored silk thread, wax, iron and centipedes. They are one of the four
 spiritual animals, the others being the phoenix, unicorn and tortoise.

4c.  Western Dragons

     Western dragons are extremely diverse in every aspect. They are
 sometimes classified by body-type and defined by habitat, but this is not
 set in stone.
     Western dragons have four legs, the front legs often used normally
 like human arms & hands. They have two wings often jointed above the front
 arms, a long tail and neck with scales, hide or fur. They come in all colors
 and shades. Their hands and feet are clawed. They sometimes have hard or
 soft plated ridges from the nape of the neck to the tip of the tail. They
 have head crests usually in the form of horns or protective plates. They are
 often able to expel flame, smoke or other substance from their mouth for
 the purpose of defense or attack. 
      Most western dragons have an extremely long life span. They are usually
 wise creatures, and can be friendly or malicious. Their lifestyles and
 habitats vary depending upon the group and type of dragon. The following
 are different categories of western dragons.

4d. Pernese Dragons

     The world of Pernese dragons was created by Anne McCaffrey. They were
 genetically engineered from a species of small, flying, dragon-like
 creatures called firelizards by colonist settling on a planet called Pern. 
 There are five types of Pernese dragons:

 Color          Gender         Size (comparative)

 Gold           Female (Queen) Largest (40 meters long)
 Bronze         Male           Second Largest
 Brown          Male           Large
 Blue           Male           Medium
 Green          Female         Small (25 meters long)
 White          Male          (very small, only one in existence)
     Flame is produced by chewing & digesting a substance called Firestone,
 which is later spit back out after digestion. They have a special 
 relationship and telepathic link with their riders from birth. They have
 the ability to jump telepathically forward and backward in time, and to any
 place as long as they have a visualized reference point to where they're
 going. You can find out more specific info on Anne McCaffrey's Pern series

4e. Dungeon & Dragon Dragons

     The world of D&D dragons contains both western and eastern dragons.
 The eastern dragons are based off history of eastern dragons (see 4b).
 D&D dragons are able to use magic, and have a wide variety of
 characteristics between the different species.
     Young dragons begin pairing and mating when they are young adults 
 around 100 years old. They lay eggs have hatch several dragonets. The
 young are raised by one or more parents till the age of 50 when they just
 become young adults and leave their parents lair driven by greed to start
 a lair of their own.
     Western D&D dragons collect and hoard treasure in their lairs and use
 it as bedding. Their lairs are usually far from civilization. They hide
 their entrances and any evidence of their comings and goings. There is
 very little wildlife near dragon lairs. They are very territorial about
 the area around their lairs.
     After a pair of mated dragons mature beyond the mature adult stage
 (400 years) they will split up driven by the need for independence and
 greed. Older dragons will raise young but after a pair mate and the eggs
 are laid they will split up, leaving one parent to raise the young.
     As they mature the dragons become stronger and wiser. Older dragons
 know many languages and some can even speak telepathically. The oldest
 dragons are among the most powerful creatures in the world. The oldest of
 the dragons are known as Great Wyrms and live to be 1200 years and older. 
     All dragon species are said to come originally from the same roots but
 the different species keep to themselves. D&D dragons are solitary

 Type      Align  Intel  Environment     Size Breath
 ----------   --  -----  ---------------- --- --------------------------
 Black        CE  8-10   Swamps           30' Acidic Gas
 Blue         LE  11-12  Desert           42' Lightning
 Green        LE  11-12  Woods            36' Cloud: (Poison Chlorine Gas) 
 Red          CE  15-16  Mountains        48' Fire
 White        CE  5-7    Tundra           24' Frost
 Amethyst     N   17-18  Mountains(water) 30' Lozenge
 Crystal      CN  < 8    Snowlands        12' Shards
 Emerald      LN  15-16  Volcanoes        20' Sonic Wail
 Sapphire     LN  17-18  Underground      24' Supersonic Wail
 Topaz        CN  15-16  Seacoast         15' Dehydration
 Brass        CG  13-14  Dry ranges       30' Cloud: (Sleep, Heat)
 Bronze       LG  15-16  Seacoast         42' Cloud: (Lightning, Repulse)
 Copper       CG  13-14  Mountains(high)  36' Cloud: (Slow), Acid
 Gold         LG  17-18  Everywhere       54' Cloud: (Chlorine gass), Fire
 Silver       LG  15-16  Mountains(peaks) 48' Cloud: (Paralyzation),  Frost
 Blue-Green   LN  Chiang Lung (River Dragon)  Expel Storm Clouds 
 Blue-Grey    N   Yu Lung (Carp Dragon)       Cloud (healing)
 Green        N   Lung Wang (Sea dragon)      Cloud: (hot steem)
 Multicolored NE  Tun Mi Lung (Typhoon Dr.)   None 
 Multicolored CN  Shen Lun (Spirit Dragon)    Water Fire 
 Multicolored CN  Pan Lung (Coiled Dragon)    Water Fire
 (Dark Fur)   N   Li Lung (Earth dragon)      None 
 Abyss        ??  20     Abyss            ??  Water from the River Styx
                                               (destroys target's soul)
 Adamantite   ??  23-25  Astral Plane     ??  Fire-hottest of dragons
 Brown        NE  13-14  Desert           54' Acidic Spray
 Cloud        N   17-18  Any high mntn.   66' Icy Air 
 Deep         CE  15-16  Caverns          24' Flesh-eat Gas
 Dracolich    E   Undead(Any Evil Dragon) --  (original breath weapon)
 Faerie       CG  (Multicolored)          ??  Cloud: (euphoria)
 Mercury      CG  13-14  Mountains(warm)  25' Laser Light
 Mist         N   15-16  Forests(water)   54' Superheated Steam
 Shadow       CE  17-18  Ruins(dark)      21' Blackness Cloud
 Steel        LN  19-20  Cities(people)   25' Toxic Cube Gas
 Yellow       CE  11-12  Desert           36' SandBlast Air
 C - Chaotic (minimal social order)           G - Good
 L - Lawful (stuctured social order)          N - Neutral
                                              E - Evil
 You can find out more specific info on D&D in 

4f. Modern Infestation Dragons

     The Modern Infestation (MI) is a western scientific view of dragons
 suddenly appearing in the modern world. It was written by Pamela Wharton
 Blanpied in the from of a technical journal.

     Towards the end of the 19th century a series of "fire falls" came from
 the sky and fell throughout Western Canada and other parts of North America.
 Shortly after the in areas where flaming balls descended, reports came in of
 missing cattle and other livestock. The disappearance of people, wildlife
 and livestock grew and soon the cause became obvious, dragons. As the raids
 became more common the military was called in to deal with the problem.
 Years of study showed the dragons were hard to track and current weapons were
 often to slow to damage the creatures. New weapons created specifically to
 track dragons were only still partially effective. In Europe, using the new
 weapons, the military managed to wound a young dragon over Hamburg. The
 retaliation by the dragons that followed was massive, Northern, Central and
 Eastern European areas were attacked, leaving the countryside between
 Groningen and Warsaw in ruins. New methods for dealing with the dragons were
 needed. Military action was dropped in exchange for more passive methods such
 as sonic shielding and more indepth study programs on the creatures. 

     MI dragons are covered with protective scales and vary in colors.
 They can changes these colors at will for camouflage, assuming the
 texture of their surroundings. Their size ranges 20 to 30 meters in length
 when full grown, with a wingspan of 15 to 24 meters in length. Their front
 and back feet are small but have very sharp claws. Their head and body is 
 the same size as their neck and bear a vague resemblance to a wing snake.
 They are able to compress their bodes to 3/4 their length like a earth worm,
 becoming fatter in the middle. Such a gesture can either be considered a
 challenge or a playful act. 
     Their internal structure is unknown. It is hypothesized that they have
 three "stomachs." The first coats the food with digestive acids, the second
 is used to store the food till its needed and the third is a atomic "fire
 chamber" in which the food is broken down into submolecular particle used in
 the body. The flame of a dragon is caused by the extreme levels of heat from
 its high metabolic rate that is expelled from its mouth to cool itself.
     They have no respiratory system and need no oxygen. Their "fire chamber"
 supplies everything their bodies need. Their blood is heated to the
 temperature of hot steam near the fire chamber and distributes nutrients and
 heat throughout the body. 
     For more information see 5d.1 (Books, Refference) Dragons: Guide to the
 Modern Infestation,  By Pamela Warton Blanpied. 

5.  Miscellaneous Information

5a.  Ftp sites

Here are a list of sites where you can find some dragon pictures:          /pub/dragons  ( ftpsite)     /pub/misc/tolkien/pics/glorund.jpg
                             /pub/pic/gif/fantasy                /pub/pictures/fantasy

 You can also watch for pictures posted to

5b. Web sites

World Wide Web pages & ftp sites regarding dragons: Web site:
    - Has links to most of the known dragon web sites, plus current
      informational files, a.f.d Usenet news link and IRC #afd chat
      channel, plus dragon web rings.

5c. IRC Sites

 IRC - Internet Relay Chat - is a means of talking with friends over
 the internet in real time rather than thru e-mail or newsgroup postings.

     In the channel #afd you can chat live with dragon fans, dragons and
 their friends. While there are several IRC Networks that have AFD
 extensions the primary one is on DALnet. Dalnet was founded Dalvenjah:
 Sven Nielsen in Feb. 1995. To reach #afd you will need to a IRC client
 program some suggested program are:

 Dos & Windows - mIRC
 Macintosh     - IRCle
 Other systems -    

 If for some reason these web addresses are out of date or you can't find
 a irc program for your computer system try searching

 Quick Irc commands: 
  /msg helpServ ?      -get help from the Irc help server.
  /join #channel       -join a channel. 
  /quit                -quit irc.

 To connect to DALnet:
  /serv 7000            (using a irc client)
  telnet             (using telnet)

 Here are IRC channels where you can chat and discuss dragons:

  /join #afd           (active discussion of a.f.d)
  /join #IRCHelp       (operator help channel)
  /join #kelekona      (AFD poetry readings Sun 8pm PST)
  /join #Hawaiian_Weyr (AFD poetry workshop Sat 5pm PST)
  /join #afdbook       (AFD publishing meetings Sat 12pm PST)

 To join the #afd listserver emailing list, send email to
  and in the body of your email message put "subscribe afd" Topic of this
  list are generally technical issues regarding the running of #afd.

 Contact for more information on DALnet.
  Or visit the Dalnet Web Site at 
  and The Tentative #afd infopage at

5d.  Books

5d.1 Books, Reference:

 The Beasts of Never,  By Georgess McHargue; Illustrated by Frank Bozzo
   For the young reader. An introduction to many myths. Two chapters devoted
   to the dragon.

 The Book of The Dragon,  By Montserrat Sant & Ciruelo Cabral
   A general study of the subject of dragons emphasizing western legends
   and contemporary treatment of dragons in literature. Very good art work.

 The Dragon Lovers Guide to Pern
   A reference book to the world of pern, tells about dragons, people &
   the planet of pern. (see 5b.2 The Dragon Riders of Pern series)

 Dragons,  By Peter Hogarth with Val Clery
   A general study of the subject of dragons with emphasis on the eastern
 Dragons: Guide to the Modern Infestation, by Pamela Warton Blanpied
   A very convincing and well written book on modern dragon sightings,
   behavior, and lore. (Back in print!) It can be order from:
   19 b/w illus. 168pp, Sterling c.9.95  Stock: UK 668 US 189

 Dragons, Their History & Symbolism,  By Janet Hoult
   This is a small illustrated book which investigates historical
   (and some legendary) dragon references. 58 pages.

 The Enchanted World: Dragons,  By the Editors of Time-Life Books.
   A survey across many cultures of dragons and examination of the
   development of the legend. Excellent reference section.

 The Flight of Dragons,  By Peter Dickinson, Illustrated by Wayne Anderson
   An investigation by Mr. Dickinson of his theory on how dragons could
   achieve flight. A living dirigible theory! (Note: movie w/ same name)

 Man, Myth & Magic an illustrated encyclopedia of the supernatural
  By the Editors of Time-Life Books.  Volume 5 Pps. 689-695.
   A casual investigation of the subject of dragons.  Good for examination
   of some specific legends.

 A Natural History Dragons and Unicorns,  By Paul and Karin Johnsguard                                                                 
   Describes the classification, life cycle, types and history of both
   dragons and unicorns as if actually existing in the world today.

5d.2 Books, Dragons Novels and Book Series:

 A Book Dragon,  By Donn Kushner.
   A unique young dragon finds purpose in his life when he finds a valuable
   treasure to guard, worth more to him than gold. Very nicely illustrated. 

 The Dragon Riders of Pern series,  By Anne McCaffrey.
   Colonists with genetically engineered dragons face challenges on the planet
     Dragonflight       Dragondrums                  Dragonsdawn
     Dragonquest        Nerilka's Story              The Renegades of Pern
     The White Dragon   Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern   All the Weyrs of Pern
     Dragonsong         The Girl Who Heard Dragons   The Chronicles of Pern
     Dragonsinger       Dolphins of Pern              (Firstfall)

 Dragonsbane,  By Barbara Hambly.
  The story of Jenny Waynest as she tries to banish or kill a very
  powerful and intelligent black dragon.

 Dragons in the Stars,  By Jeffrey A. Carver.
  Dragons from the another of space come to the aid of a young pilot who
  must take control of her life before she falls too far into the power
  of an abusive master.

 Dragonworld,  By Byron Priess and J. Michael Reaves.
   The last dragon is the only hope of averting the worst of wars prompted
   by tragedy.

 The Forging of the Dragon,  By Robert Don Hughes.
   An evil two-headed dragon must be created to unite the
   fragmented societies of the old One Land.

 Guardians of the Flame series,  By Joel Rosenberg.  
  Seven books: ("finger" for latest info.)
    The Sleeping Dragon           The Heir Apparent
    The Sword and the Chain       The Warrior Lives
    The Silver Crown              The Road to Ehvenor
    The Road Home                 Not Exactly the Three Musketeers
                                   (Book 8 working title) 

 The James Eckert series,  By Gordon R. Dickson:
   James Eckert get transported to a parallel dimension with magic where he
   becomes known as the Dragon Knight, man and part-time dragon who fights
   the forces of encroaching evil. Original short story "St. Dragon and the
   George" first published in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction
   (c) 1957, and can now be found in Isaac Asimov's Dragon Tales anthology
   (see below).
     The Dragon and the George   The Dragons at War
     The Dragon on the Border    The Dragon Knight
 Her Majesty's Wizard,  By Christopher Stasheff
   A wizard get transferred to another dimension to help a princess gain back 
   the crown. He is aided on his mission by a dragon and a knight. 
 The Krystonia Chronicles,  By Mildonian Ltd
   Many varied types of dragons form their own regiment of society.
   (see 5d. Krystonia Collectors Club)
     The Chronicles of Krystonia       Krystonian Adventures
     Krystonia III

 Pit Dragon series,  By Jane Yolen.
   A series based on a backworld planet with dragons that are trained
   for pit fights. Jakkin as he grows learns to truly commune with the
     Dragon's Blood        Heart's Blood        A Sending of Dragons

 Rangard series,  By R.A.V. Salsitz.
   The fate of all beings on Rangard depends on what the new awakening of
   the dragons from the grave will bring upon them.  Series currently
    consists of three books:
     Where Dragons Lie        Night of Dragons
     Where Dragons Rule

 The Shadow of His Wings,  By Bruce Fergusson.
   The aid of the ancient Erseiyr Rizzix must be sought to save the hero's
   people from a war that goes badly, however Rizzix is reluctant to help.

 Tea with the Black Dragon,  By R. A. MacAvoy.
   A black dragon comes to America to fulfill his destiny, and helps a lady
   search for her missing daughter.

 Vlad Taltos / World of Dragaera series,  By Steven K.Z. Brust.
   A sarcastic and humorous jhereg (very small dragon) accompanies Vlad as
   his familiar in and out of many chilling adventures. Currently seven books:
   (there are supposed to be 17 eventually)
      Jhereg         Teckla     Orca
      Taltos         Phoenix
      Yendi          Athyra

5d.3 Books, Anthologies

 Dragon Fantastic,  edited by Rosalind & Martin Greenberg (c)1992.
   Many more tales, most by less-known authors.

 A Dragon Lovers Treasury of the Fantastic,  edited by Margret Welis
   Includes stories by Orson Scott Card, Ann McCaffery, Roger Zelazny
   and others.

 Dragons of Darkness,  edited by Orson Scott Card (c)1981, released 1988.
   Many excellent tales including authors Edward Bryant, Jeffrey Carver,
   Ben Bova. Note: this book is hard to find.

 Dragons of Light,  edited by Orson Scott Card (c)1980, released 1988.
   Authors include Roger Zelazny, George R. Martin, Greg Bear, Jane Yolen.

 Dragon Tales,  edited by Issac Asimov (c)1982.
   Includes short stories by many well known writers: Gerda, Dragons' Teeth,
   Two Yards of Dragon, A Hiss of Dragon, The Bully and the Beast, 
   The kings Head and the Purple Dragon, Soft Come the Dragons, 
   St.Dragon and the George, John Robert and the Dragon's Egg, 
   Demon and Demoiselle, Weyr Search.

 Here There Be Dragons,  By Jane Yolen
   Compluation of Jane Yolen's short stories and poems about dragons with
   comments by the author.

5d.4 Books, Children's Literature:

 The Dragons Are Singing Tonight,  By Jack Prelutsky; pictures by Peter Sis
   A collection of poems about dragons for the young, good for kids of
   all ages.

 How Droofus the Dragon lost his head,  By Bill Peet

 The Paper Bag Princess,  By Robert Munsch

5e.  Movies

 DragonHeart, Universal Pictures. (103 min)
   Bowen at knight believes that his prince's soul has been poisoned by
   a dragon that saved the prince's life. Bowen vows to destroy all dragons.
   When he encounters the last dragon he learns what true vows are.
     ISBN 0-7832-1915-6

 Dragonslayer,  Paramount Picture Corp. (110 min)
   A young apprenticed mage sets off to rid a kingdom of a dragon, the
   king does not want his help. Movie. (see address below "Critics' Choice") 
    Cost: $14.95  Item#: EAPAR001367

 DragonWorld,  Moonbeam
   A young boy grows up with a dragon as a friend in a Scottish castle. Due
   to tax problems he decides to lend his dragon to an evil tycoon who 
   wants him for his amusement park.

 FESTIVAL OF ANIMATION 1991  (animation)
  Denny Goes Air-Surfing, Lance Kramer. (2 min) 
    What does a dragon do for fun?  It goes  air-surfing.  How does a
    dragon go airsurfing? That would be telling. This piece looks like
    an immature work of someone with potential. And it is not a bad gag.

 The Flight of Dragons,  Rankin/Bass Production Inc. (98 min) (Cartoon)
   Based off of Gorden Dickson's 'The Dragon and the George' 
   A young man from the future is magically transported to the past to save
   the land from an evil mage and is accidentally placed in the body of a dragon.
   Incorporates Peter Dickenson's 'Flight of Dragons.'
   copy can gotten from Critics' Choice Video  (ask for a catalogue)
    Cost $19.95          PO Box 749
    Item#: EAWHV000956   Itasca, IL 60143-0749 U.S.A 
                         Phone: 1-800-544-9852 (8am-6pm CT)

 Merlin and the Dragons,  Lightyear Entertainment 1991 (27 min) (Cartoon)
   Written by Jane Yolen. Narrated by Keven Kline. Merlin tells a young king
   Authur a story about fighting dragons, clashing armies, and a young boys 
   dreams.            Lightyear Entertainment
                      350 5th Ave. suite 5101
                      NewYork, Ny 10118 U.S.A.
                      Phone: 1-800-229-78679 ( Mon-Fri 9am-5pm ET)
 Record of Lodoss Wars (355 min) (Cartoon)  
   Japinese animation. 13 episode series. 13 episodes have been
   subtitled over into english. Dubbed versions will be out later this year.
   Based off of a Japinese novel by the same name. The story takes place
   in a AD&D setting. A party of adventurers tries to find the reason
   behind the growing war on Lodoss. Lots of dragons! (6 VHS Tapes)
     Cost $116.96        The Right Stuff International Inc.
     Item# USM1273       Box 71309
          (or)           Des Moines, Ia 50325 U.S.A.
     Cost $26.96
   Items# USM1267 - 72   Email:  Phone: 1-515-279-7434

 Dragon Era (Cartoon)
 Scorpio (Cartoon)
 Dragon Half (Cartoon)
5f.  Commercial Art

     There are a variety of places in which you can find some excellent
 artwork at affordable prices. Here are a few places I suggest you look:

 Dancing Dragon
  5670 West End Road, #4
  PO Box 1106
  Arcata, Ca 95521 U.S.A.
  Web site:

 Glass Onion Graphics
  PO Box 88
  Brookfield, Ct 06804 U.S.A.
  (203) 798-6063

 Landmark Calenders
  Po Box 6105, Dept 1
  Novato, Ca 94948-6105 U.S.A.
   In the following calenders:
     Dragon Lords
     Julie Bell Fantasy Calenders

 Krystonia Collectors Club
  110 E. Ellsworth Road
  Ann Arbor, MI 48108 U.S.A.
  (313) 677-3510

 Design Toscano
  15 E. Campbell Street
  Arlington Heights, IL 60005

 Laughing Coyote Press
  P.O. Box  475335
  Garland, TX  75041

 Majestic Novelties
  2500 East Harmony RD #160
  Ft. Collins, CO 80525
  Web site

 Marty Magic
  P.O. Box 318
  Santa Cruz, California 95061
  (408) 429-9805
  fax: (408) 429-1012
    Marty Magic is a source for dragon jewelry. Over the last
    fifteen years, she has sculpted dozens of dragon designs.

You can order many books from by telneting to:
to find dragon related meteral its suggested you do a title search
under "dragon"  or keyword search under "dragon" 
They ship all over the world for only $3.50

 Please note that for people located outside the U.S.A. most of these
 dealers will still ship merchandise to you, but it will cost a few
 bucks more, though probably not much. Call or write and find out about
 shipping costs and product information.

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